Owner Subscription Club

The Owner Subscription Club is Standard Brew Co Ltd’s way of sharing the journey with our subscribers.

Subscribers will be awarded 12 shares in, Standard Brew Co Ltd, at no further cost, for each complete year they are a member of The Owner Subscription Club.

For each complete year of subscription, you will receive 12 shares in Standard Brew Co Limited.

Each share will entitle you to:

• Participate in the sale proceeds in the event that Standard Brew Co is sold;
• Receive dividends on the shares when the Board is able to declare them; and
• Keep the shares previously awarded to you even if you don’t continue for a further year

These shares are our way of sharing the success of Standard Brew Co with our subscribers and reward your loyalty. No further payment is required as each the subscription price will be deducted from your beer subscription.

The small print: the award of shares is a membership benefit open only to each authorised subscriber of The Owner Subscription Club. In order to be eligible you must complete a complete year as a subscriber to the Owner Subscription Club. Shares awarded to you will not be capable of transfer to any other person. The shares will be non-voting shares with a denomination of £0.01p. Subscribership of The Owner Subscription Club and the award of shares is not an invitation to invest and no further monies will be required from subscribers.